I Cannot Bear To Throw Away My Old Running Shoes

Recently, I bought a new pair of running shoes. As I was about to throw my old pair away, I found myself running on a treadmill of emotions. What l wore with so much pride and joy in the yesteryears now look battered and broken. I felt my old shoes deserved a better closure, and … Read More

Making running fun in 6 ways

Running can be quite a monotonous activity, especially if you are heading out for a very long run. Just repeated steps after steps for hours. Trying to have a little fun sometimes can help me enjoy running even more and go even further. Here are some things that I do to make my runs more … Read More

How do I prevent injury while running?

Upon the request from a friend in Facebook page, I will share my thoughts on injury prevention. Please note that the sharing below is based on my own experience, and if you have doubt or suffer any injury – the right thing to do is to consult a doctor nearby.   Progressive training In … Read More

Really Easy & Important Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling

Travelling and taking a break from the everyday life? Yet travelling could mean a disruption in our running workout. How can we effectively run and still carry on training in a different country while enjoying the joy of travelling? Here is how I do it, and how you can do it too:   #1 Prepare … Read More

Lunch with Singapore ex-National Runner & What I Learnt

Recently, I have a catch-up over lunch with my long time friend Koon Kiat, who is an ex-national runner for Singapore. We have a conversation on our competitive running days. During the lunch, I got very curious how he become a national runner, and I took the opportunity to learn from him. One of the … Read More

Starting All Over From Zero

I used to be a very competitive runner. Those were the days when I ran very hard and far. However, gone are those competitive days and my stamina. For athletes who have stopped training for a period of time, it is very difficult to start training all over again. For me, I found it very … Read More

5 Things in Common Between Running and Investing

Throughout the years as I run and build up my property portfolio, I have come to realise that these two activities have much more in common than anyone would think – Running and Investing. These are the 5 important traits I follow to keep myself going: 1. Being consistent To be successful in running, you … Read More