Really Easy & Important Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling

Travelling and taking a break from the everyday life?

Yet travelling could mean a disruption in our running workout. How can we effectively run and still carry on training in a different country while enjoying the joy of travelling? Here is how I do it, and how you can do it too:


#1 Prepare the Right Running Kit

Really Easy & Important Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling -
My Running Kit

When you packed your luggage, do take note of the weather and climate conditions of the country you would be travelling to. Be aware of the different climate conditions and dress appropriately to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Prepare the right running attire that is suited for running in that country according to the weather season.   

Not just the right attire, but also sufficient sets of running attire for the journey.


#2 Keep Your Muscles Moving on the Plane

Try to move around on the plane if possible, this will keep your leg muscles moving and avoid muscle stiffness. You can also try stretching your leg muscles from time to time.  

If you are on a night flight, try to catch some sleep. Take eye mask, ear plugs, neck pillow if needed to help you get some good sleep during the flight. Do remember to rest well after the flight before any strenuous runs or training.


#3 Stay Hydrated

Make it a point to drink while you are on a flight. This will keep you hydrated throughout the flight. Do drink sufficient water before any training or work out. Staying hydrated while exercising is important to prevent any heat related injuries. Do remember to drink, but be extra cautious about drinking any tap water. Drink bottled water if you are in any doubt.

#4 Look after Your Diet

Really Easy & Important Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling -

While travelling, most of us will like to taste all the different kinds of local food that are available in the country. It is definitely good to do so, just be aware of the quantity of the food that you are consuming. Try to take more vegetables, fruits and lean meat.

Avoid alcohol, deep fried and overly fatty foods. Of course a little of it is ok. It is the quantity of it. As long as you are not over-consuming them.


#5 Run Safe

Upon reaching your destination, you can find out where will be a good place for you to run. Do ask the hotel reception or your local friends where you can run safely.  If you intend to head out into remote areas, do run together with someone. Carry your phone and be aware of the surrounding while running.


Do check out in advance if your hotel do have a gym with treadmill. Being on a treadmill is one of the safest running training you can do.


Recently I had lunch with my friend who used to run for Singapore. I wrote about some takeaways from our conversation and hope they can help you run better and stay on track in life.

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