Hi, my name is John Cheng.

Welcome to my personal journal on running & property investing in Singapore

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OnTrack.sg is a combination of two of my favourite topics – running and analysing the Singapore property market.

Running days
Running days

It all started more than 20 years ago.

I have started running since my secondary school day. Then I am very inspired by how fast and how far the distance runners can go, and I always feel very excited when the timing for my runs start to go down as I challenge myself to run faster and faster. It has been a ride since! Now I try to run as frequent as my schedule allows in a week. Aside from staying healthy, I have also come to realize the many ways running has made me a better person. This is why I document these thoughts here OnTrack.SG as self-reminders.

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Singapore Property Development
Singapore Property Development

My 2nd Passion: Looking at Property & Investing

While hustling between running and my sales career 15 years ago, I discovered my 2nd passion: property investing. Committing to a property investment is really scary at first, it took me some time to learn and prepare myself before taking the leap. Today it has all paid off, I can spend time on things that I like (Running!) without sacrificing quality time with my family – all thanks to that leap of faith I made.

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URA visit to understand Singapore Masterplan before committing to a property purchase

What’s NEXT?

Having experienced first hand the perks of both; today I spend more time helping others to achieve a healthy and wealthy life through running and property investing. Many who have joined my workshops eventually become my friend, and we continuously learn from each other. I have also started OnTrack.SG, where I can share my findings while receiving open feedback from my fellow readers – because only by going together we can go further!

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As part of my belief that everyone can make sound investment decision, I have decided to share my property market knowledge as well as my property investment experiences in this ebook. In this ebook I will share the 5 important tips which I believe can help you profit from your property investment. I hope that what I shared in this ebook can help everyone to gain a deeper understanding and deeper insights into real estate property investment. Hope the sharing in this ebook can empower you with the knowledge to make better and sound investment decision. Enjoy reading!

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“Sometimes the best run comes on days you didn’t feel like running.”