How do I prevent injury while running?

Upon the request from a friend in Facebook page, I will share my thoughts on injury prevention. Please note that the sharing below is based on my own experience, and if you have doubt or suffer any injury – the right thing to do is to consult a doctor nearby.


Running injury training

Progressive training

In the past, I usually start with a big running goal in mind, like completing a marathon. I would then tend to rush into training and building up my running mileage.  The problem is my muscles and my body may not adapt fast enough to the fast pace and heavy training. I always ended up stressing my body too much and getting injured

After realizing this, I have changed my training program one that is progressive.

A progressive running program helps to build up my running mileage gradually. A good way do that is to try keeping to within 5% to 10% mileage increase per week.


Build up muscle strength

Basic muscle strength helps to keep my body in proper alignment when I am running, especially the core muscles. When I strengthen those muscles, I can increase my leg stability thus preventing injuries like knee injuries.


Proper stretching

Stretch thoroughly before and after each run. I will usually warm up first before my stretching. Especially if I have been sitting down at office for the whole day, and my muscles are all stiff.

Also, after a run, stretching properly will allow my muscles to relax and it helps me in the recovery process.


Having Sufficient Rest

Whenever I do a workout, it will put stress on my body. Therefore I would give the body some time to recover before heading out for the next one. Insufficient rest will result in more injury and in the end set you back on your plans.


Listen to your body

Before any injuries happen, our body will usually give us some forms of warning. We may first experience some kind of aches, soreness or pain.

Do not ignore them.

If your body hurts, it is usually a reminder to take a break.


Rest when you are already injured

This is one very difficult thing to do for competitive runners. I will tend to think that if I stopped training I will lose out. However if I keep pushing, I will only injure myself even further and set me back even more. Therefore, rest when you are injured.

You never know how this much-needed rest that your body required can help you in doing a better timing in the future.


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