URA Visit: How Singapore property developments impact property prices?

Last week, ‭I have decided to make another trip down to the Singapore (URA, Urban Redevelopment Authority) City gallery after one of my agents asked me where is the best place to look at Singapore’s current and future developments and their impact on the property prices.

Located near Tanjong Pagar area right beside the Maxwell food centre, the URA City gallery is one of my favourite source of information when it comes to prospecting Singapore property market. The three storey visitor center houses a huge model replica, as well as updated Master Plan for Singapore. By observing Singapore’s long term land use and physical development, it is easy to identify future growth areas in the country and where your investment dollars should go best.


URA Singapore Master Plan About Singapore Property Developments | John Cheng | Propnex
URA Singapore Master Plan

I have visited the gallery many times, and was thinking it would be just another visit. However, during this visit I have again found another aspect of the developments that caught my eye. While looking at the big Singapore map model, I started to compare the relative size of the individual developments in each of the growth areas in Singapore.


Singapore Property Developments - SG URA city model Southern waterfront development | John Cheng | Propnex
SG URA city model Southern waterfront development

One discovery for me is the size of the southern waterfront development. You can see from the photo taken at the gallery, the size of it in comparison to the area around it.

It’s really huge.

To me, this represent massive future developments and potential price upside.

Singapore Property Developments | URA Videos | John Cheng | Ontrack.sg
Watching video at URA to understand more about Singapore property developments.

On top of that, we visited the video presentations at the gallery to refresh ourselves on the growth area developments and we also analyse the big masterplan map on display. It’s a good boost to kickstart the rest of the year.

Not sure when I will visit here again, but definitely do hope to have more take aways and discovery again the next time round.


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