URA visit

The Land Transport Master Plan charts out the long-term vision of Singapore’s land transport system, and how it will look like in 2040 and beyond. It is an encouraging step forward to improve our future transport network. I believe it will bring a lot of time savings, convenience and thereby creating better lifestyle to residents … Read More

Recently I have made another visit to the Singapore Gallery, hoping to discover more insights to Singapore future developments. As usual I am focusing on the growth areas in Singapore. From the legend provided, the purple colour on the map are the growth areas, which are the areas I will be looking at.  This time … Read More

Last week, ‭I have decided to make another trip down to the Singapore (URA, Urban Redevelopment Authority) City gallery after one of my agents asked me where is the best place to look at Singapore’s current and future developments and their impact on the property prices. Located near Tanjong Pagar area right beside the Maxwell … Read More