Summary of “Property Deals Review” Sharing session

Over the last 2 weeks, my business partner (I-min) and I have had 2 rounds of property deals review session with the public:

  • A look at properties in Singapore’s Central region
  • Property opportunities in the North and East region of Singapore

We are glad to have done our part to share and educate the public on the current market situation and where potential buyers can look for in the different sectors of Singapore when they invest.

 Singapore Property Deals Review -
Singapore investment opportunity for property

To summarize what we have shared in the past two sessions:

How to Determine and Choose Undervalued Property

We analyse the market in the different sectors and districts of Singapore. We then use the result of our analysis to seek out which Condo pricing in terms of psf is below the average.


Growth Potential of an Investment Property

We look at the future developments, current pricing and the price quantum of each property to determine if there is any potential for growth.


Where to Find these Properties

In this sharing, we have sourced out the exact condos that fit the criteria for investment and shared with attendees who are keen to take action now.

Having shared the investment potential, we have also shared the importance of risk management in property investment. Therefore we introduced the 4-step planning and 3-step action process to reduce the risk of property investment and to ensure a smooth property investment journey.

I organized sharing session on property investment for both the public and property agents. At times I also hold URA tour to the URA City Gallery to analyse the future property opportunity in Singapore. You can read about my last URA visit here.

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