Bucket List

One of my most preferred time to run is during the night. I find running in the night is one of the best moments of the day for me to be fully relaxed and clear my mind of all the day’s worries. During one of those runs, I started asking myself what is the meaning to all these toil in life? Am I be going to be one of those who are in the rat race, and yet, not going anywhere I wanted? 

I have heard numerous stories of people going to work at the same office for years, working on the same old stuff and end up regretting not doing the things they really desired in their life. Time can really pass us by so fast. I do not want to end up regretting what I should have done. There are still many things in life that I felt that I should accomplished and experience them. 

Getting older each day makes me realized what is urgency. If I do not cherish time, one day, I could be too old, too late or too frail to do the things I really wanted. This understanding suddenly reveals to me the significance of having a bucket list. So, I begin to list down all the things that I really want to do in this lifetime and started my journey to fulfil them.

Having fun…

I tell myself that this bucket list must look fun, exciting, and it should always create a strong sense of anticipation in me to fulfil them. Only with these three emotional elements incorporated, then the bucket list can constantly keep me motivated. If the list does not inspire me, then it’s not worthwhile pursuing it.

For some of us, setting up such a list can be an extremely stressful exercise. We feel that the list will only add more stress to our life. However, there are always two perspectives. Having a bucket list can be stressful for someone, yet it can be fun and exciting for another.

This makes me recall my university days. One of my dreams is to win the gold medal for my inter-varsity track and field steeplechase race. During my third year in university, I wanted the gold medal so much that I am all stressed up before and during the race. In the end, I did not win any medal (not even the bronze medal) even though I thought I have trained the hardest for it. I started to realise that being all stress up did not help me at all. So, in my final year, I knew I could win the race, I just had to do the right things and be relaxed. I went into the race feeling confident, having fun and fully relaxed. Yes, I end up winning the race comfortably. Lesson learn for me here is that there are two different perspective to approach to the same thing I wanted. Being all stressed up did not help me at all. Pursuing my goals can be easy, fun and relaxed. 

What is important in life… 

By listing down all the experiences in life that I wish to create really excites me. It gives me joy by just looking at them. The anticipation of fulfilling them gives even more motivation in life.

With this list created, I started to realise what are the things that are truly important to me. It gives me a sense of my life’s perspective and how I should be spending my time. For once in my life, I can truly to follow my intuition and my inner guide. 

New Discovery, Self Discovery and Ongoing…

I do not want to end up, sitting at the coffeeshop repeatedly telling others about my old stories or past glories. I want to be living in the present and anticipating the future. Yes, old memories are indeed good, but I can always create better and more exciting ones. Life is about making many more wonderful memories.

The bucket list will allow me to embark on this journey of new discovery.

Internal discovery and External discovery.

Internal discovery, a journey of learning more about myself, discovering my hidden talents and what I can do more. External discovery, on the things around me like learning a new language, learning a new skill, exploring the world etc. I believe these discoveries will surely add new dimensions to my life. 

With added dimensions, new items on the bucket list could just spring up. You can always come up with new ideas and experiment new things. It’s not a list that is intended to be completed, but one that keeps on inspiring. It is an ongoing journey.

Moving forward…

I will be embarking on my bucket list and moving towards a more fulfilling life. I have been inspired by how other people followed their passions and live out the life that they wanted to be. Now, I hope that having this bucket list myself, can in turn inspire others to live out their life to the fullest.

I am not very sure if I can fulfil everything in the list. All I know is that I can do something now to achieve them. What if I really cannot achieve my goals? I guess the only regret is only when did not even try to pursue them or when I have not tried my best. If I have already done my best or stretch beyond what I usually do, I should be thankful for the learning opportunity and strive to be better the next round. 

Why not create your bucket list today? You never know how far a simple list like this can bring you to!

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