Are you burning out?

During the last few months of 2020, the activities in the property market has picked up. There is an increased in the number of property transactions. I observed and experienced a big increase in the number of enquires, and personally, I did many more consulting appointments. Besides coping with the increased workload, I am planning for my house moving and at the same time, trying to keep up with my runs. It was indeed a very hectic period for me.

Unknowingly, all the stress coupled with pressure from life and work starts to pile up on me. More datelines to meet with increasingly more time pressure for me to get ready for my move. It seems to me that everywhere is calling out for my immediate attention.

Little did I know that this stressful period starts to take an effect on me. I start to experience exhaustion and fatigue from all the commitments. I find myself not having the same kind of energy to handle all these things as before.

One day, I decided to take some time off to think and reflect why am I feeling this way. I think I might be suffering from a mini burn out.


So, what is a burnout?

To me, a burnout is when you feel exhausted every day coupled with a lesser ability to cope with the demands of life.


How to identify a burn out

One key sign of burnout is when you find yourself feeling drained and unable to cope, resulting in reduced work performance. You may find yourself not wanting to do anything even when they are important. Physical symptoms, like headaches or digestion issues may also surface.


What to do immediately when you found you are having a burnout

Take a break immediately when you find out that you may be burning out. One good way is to stop and take stock of your current situation and understand what is causing you all the stress. I find reducing the amount of commitment and work is helpful. Try to evaluate what kind of workload is realistic and do not feel bad about compromising on the things that are needed to be done. Health is more important that getting things done here.

For many of us, we may still have to work and taking a break from work completely may not be an option. What you can do is that during your work, you can take a slower pace and you can schedule regular breaks in between to allow your mind to relax.

In addition, I find talking to a trusted friend is extremely helpful. By sharing, you are acknowledging the problem and your friend can support you. He may even suggest to you on how you can take things easier.

Doing exercises or some mindfulness activities like yoga or mediation can also help to relax your mind.


How to prevent a future burn out.

One key thing I believe is to have balance in life. While work is important, rest is equally important too. Just like running, having sufficient rest and recovery is the key to being a good runner; having sufficient rest is also the key to a long-term peak performance at work. Having balance in life also includes having sufficient physical exercise to keep your body fit and your mind relaxed.

Another key area that you may consider is to take some time to explore and find the meaning behind all the work that you are doing. What does all these work means to your life. I find that if I can connect the reason of my work to my life’s vision, it gives me a lot of clarity on why I am working every day. With the clarity in mind, I am now not just working, but fulfilling a greater life vision with my work. Doing something now is going to be passionate and provides a lot more meaning to life. Works becomes more of a pleasure instead of dread.

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