6 TIPS to pass your RES Exams

From my interaction with the many candidates taking the real estate salesperson examinations, I understand that it is not an easy one. The questions could be tricky and there are a lot of content to remember.


Here are 6 simple tips that can help you to ace your exams:


#1 Make TIME to study 

Set aside at time to go through your notes. Not just reading them, but understand the underlying principles and concepts behind them. You need to know the keys concepts and how to apply them.


#2 Use MEMORY techniques

There will be many information for you to remember. Use the various memory techniques to help you recall them easily, e.g. using Acronym.


#3 PRACTICE whenever you have time

Keep all the practice questions near to you. Use any spare time that you have to practice those questions. If possible, go through the same question at least twice. It can helps you reinforce what you have learned and sometimes you may learn new things from doing the same set of questions twice.


#4 Get HELP

In the past when I study for professional exams, I do struggle to understand certain concepts or principles. This is because I am not practicing in the trade yet, therefore I do not understand what the notes exactly meant.


In this case, I find it extremely helpful to have a mentor, someone who is already in the trade to help to explain to me the various concepts. This helps me to save a lot of time my time and leave me with more time to study more.


#5 Sound Exam STRATEGY

Having a strategy tackling your exam. For example, do the questions that you know how to answer first, so you can gain confident. Also, should you do the fill in the blanks first or MCQs first? Do what you think that can helps you gain confidence in your exams.



Trust yourself that you can pass the exam. That will greatly help you when you are tackling a tough paper. Once you trust yourself to do anything, you will find the outcome to be amazing.


My goal is to help Potential RES to pass your exams. Do approach us if you desire to pass the RES paper. We will be happy to share our tips with you.