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If this is your first time at , welcome! is where I pen down my thoughts on running, investing and wealth creation. It could be a little overwhelming if this is your first time here.

I figured this could be a good starting point for you if I can just list out the popular articles:


Property Investing & Wealth Creation

Part 2: Liability free vs Financially free (detailed example)

In this article, I share a number-by-number example on how you should aim for financial freedom than liability freedom based on my scenario. While the context is unique to me, I believe there are many takeaways that can help my readers to apply in their own context too.


The CPF Series

A series of 4 articles on how to best purchase and invest in property using your CPF

Running Tips

Really Easy & Important Ways to Stay Fit while Travelling

If you are a frequent traveller, these tips might just help you to stay fit without compromising your travel experience. #NoExcuse


How do I prevent injury while running?

The last thing you want to happen while you are running is to suffer an injury. Drawing from my own fair amount of injury related suffer, I have come to realize the importance of injury prevention and these measurements can be super easy to adopt.

Recommended Books & Lessons Learned

The 3 financial decisions I made after reading The Richest Man in Babylon

A great book by George Samuel Clason. I have decided to review my wealth accumulation process after reading this book – and I have since improvised it by making 3 important financial decisions here, which  would definitely work for you too!


The Millionaire Next Door Book Review

There are some great quotes in this book by Thomas J Stanley – and I have applied and stick with 5 key principles I found here!


Inspiring Coffee Sessions with Friends & Gurus 

I catch up with my friends that have inspired me throughout my investing and running journey:

Chat with Mr Chua I-min (CFA) on his views about Singapore’s property market

A successful and seasoned entrepreneur, investor and educator. I-min shared his views on the government’s property cooling measure and the opportunities in the property market thereafter.


Lunch with Singapore ex-National Runner & What I Learnt

I talked to my friend Koon Kiat, who is an ex-national runner for Singapore, about his journey to become a national runner and how we can apply some of these lessons in life.


Events & Activities

Singapore Gallery Visit: What does it say about opportunities in Woodlands?

Occasionally I would organize visit to the URA gallery in Tanjong Pagar. From there, we are able to look at the various opportunities in Singapore’s property market. This article summarizes my thought on the future potential of Woodlands


Summary of “Property Deals Review” Sharing session

I run property investment workshops from time to time to help prospect investors stay up to date and locate deals based on latest development. This article is a summary of my seminar “Property Deals Review” where we review deals in different region in Singapore.


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Free eBook | 5 Insights to Profitable Property Investment

I have compiled my property market knowledge and my property investment experiences in this free ebook that you can download. Feel free to drop me a message on your thoughts once you have read 🙂