Property Investing

Having use your CPF monies when you purchase a your property comes with an opportunity cost. So what is the opportunity cost? Here we will explore how the use of CPF can work for you or work against you and hence affecting the profit you can get when you sell your property.   First, Understanding … Read More

In my previous article, I’ve discussed about the Valuation limit and Withdrawal Limit of CPF OA (ordinary account). Read it here if you want to know more. If you intend to use CPF Ordinary Account (OA) monies to pay for you property purchase, do note that there will be some restrictions on the use of … Read More

CPF, or the Central Provident Fund is a compulsory comprehensive savings plan for working Singaporeans and permanent residents primarily to fund their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs. The CPF is an employment based savings scheme with employers and employees contributing a mandated amount to the Fund. It is administered by the Central Provident Fund Board, … Read More

Recently I have made another visit to the Singapore Gallery, hoping to discover more insights to Singapore future developments. As usual I am focusing on the growth areas in Singapore. From the legend provided, the purple colour on the map are the growth areas, which are the areas I will be looking at.  This time … Read More

After the previous round of discussion, I met up with Christine again to go through my example of being financially free or liability free. We discussed, calculated and then compared these two scenarios; if I were to stay liability free from age 35 till retirement, and if I were to invest in a property. Which … Read More

If given a choice for you to choose, would you rather be fit or you rather be healthy? If you can regular run, swim or cycle fast, you are certainly fit. Somehow we do concluded being able to do such activity is the same as being healthy. Being healthy, in fact, involves having every system … Read More

Over the last 2 weeks, my business partner (I-min) and I have had 2 rounds of property deals review session with the public: A look at properties in Singapore’s Central region Property opportunities in the North and East region of Singapore We are glad to have done our part to share and educate the public … Read More

As a property investor, you may worry that your property investment is risky. Just as any form of investment, there will definitely be risks involved with property investment. You may not be able to avoid the risk fully, so managing the risk is the key to a successful investment. Especially in this period of property … Read More

Last week, ‭I have decided to make another trip down to the Singapore (URA, Urban Redevelopment Authority) City gallery after one of my agents asked me where is the best place to look at Singapore’s current and future developments and their impact on the property prices. Located near Tanjong Pagar area right beside the Maxwell … Read More

Throughout the years as I run and build up my property portfolio, I have come to realise that these two activities have much more in common than anyone would think – Running and Investing. These are the 5 important traits I follow to keep myself going: 1. Being consistent To be successful in running, you … Read More