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Is there a property bubble?

If property prices of a country go up by 10% in a year, most of us would think that the property prices are getting more expensive and possibly a bubble may be imminent. If property prices move down by say 5%, we may think otherwise that the prices are getting cheaper. This case will be … Read More

Bucket List

One of my most preferred time to run is during the night. I find running in the night is one of the best moments of the day for me to be fully relaxed and clear my mind of all the day’s worries. During one of those runs, I started asking myself what is the meaning … Read More

Properties prices and Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040

The Land Transport Master Plan charts out the long-term vision of Singapore’s land transport system, and how it will look like in 2040 and beyond. It is an encouraging step forward to improve our future transport network. I believe it will bring a lot of time savings, convenience and thereby creating better lifestyle to residents … Read More

With our income, can we afford to buy a condo in Singapore

On February 2019, I chance upon this Business Times article that illustrate the trend of the median household income from work in Singapore. Over the period from 2013 to 2018, median household income shows an increase of about 3.4% in nominal terms. What got me curious is that with this median income, what is the … Read More

Using CPF funds for your house? What are the latest changes?

What are the changes? Buyers can possibly now use more of their CPF funds to buy older properties. As long as the property’s remaining lease can cover the youngest buyer till the age of 95. Here is a summary table of the latest changes: In order to ensure buyers will still have enough fund from … Read More

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Information vs insights – which one you need while considering a property?

There are a lot of information available on the property market today. How do we make sense of all the information? Especially when there are conflicting information? Let us explore what is information here: Definition of Information Facts provided or learned about something We can observe daily in the news different kinds of information provided … Read More

6 Tips to Rent Out Your Investment Property Fast

Recently, I met property investors who complained about the property rental market, citing difficulty in renting out their properties. Some common reasons given were the reduced number of expatriates coming and staying in Singapore, coupled with the increasing number of condominiums being completed. This posed a challenge to the investors as they faced stiffer competition … Read More

How This $10 Changed the Life of a Driver

Recently, I had the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk with a private hire driver. Before he decided to become a private hire driver, he was a civil servant for 18 long years. I was curious why he decided to venture out and do something different after 18 years in civil service? He told me … Read More

Why is LPA so important to every family?

What if I lose my mental capacity? I have been working hard for my family, and of course, working hard towards my dream retirement. I am expecting things to go on well. However, life can sometimes be unpredictable. I have heard cases of people having an accident and subsequently lost his mental capacity. When this … Read More