Advance Medical Directive (AMD)

Imagine one of your loved ones is at the final stages of a terminal illness and is dying. The doctor cannot stop the dying process, however he can only prolong the life in the final stages of a terminal illness using modern medical technology. What will you do? Some terminally ill persons who are in … Read More

Why is LPA so important to every family?

What if I lose my mental capacity? I have been working hard for my family, and of course, working hard towards my dream retirement. I am expecting things to go on well. However, life can sometimes be unpredictable. I have heard cases of people having an accident and subsequently lost his mental capacity. When this … Read More

Are Singaporean Really That Rich? (Part 2)

In my previous article “Are Singaporean really that rich?”, we discussed on the general affordability for property. The numbers presented in that article accounts for both HDB property as well as private property. In addition, the income used for the various calculations is the median income. In this article, I will be looking at the … Read More