9 Important numbers from Singapore in Figures 2018

Recently I chanced upon this publication:¬†Singapore in figures 2018, compiled by Statistics Singapore. Inside this publication, there are many interesting facts and figures about Singapore population, housing, trade etc. You can find out more information of this publication from www.singstat.gov.sg. I have extracted some of the key segments from this publication, which I think is … Read More

10 Things to look out for before buying a Foreign Property

With the cooling measures in place and additional buyer stamp duty, some Singaporeans may consider investing in overseas property to avoid the tight regulations here. Just like all investments, investing into an overseas property does carry some investment risks. Here I will share the 10 things to take note of before you buy a foreign … Read More

5 Important Lessons from the 21 Days Challenge

After my 21 days of fit bod fat purse challenge, I am fitter and of course $1053 dollars richer! On top of these 2 benefits, I have learned 5 important lessons from this challenge.   For the benefit of those who does not follow this challenge, the 21 days fit bod fat purse is a … Read More

Understanding Residential Property Price Index

Understanding Property Price Indices Every quarter, URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) releases the real estate statistics for private residential properties, office space and retail space. These data includes important numbers for sales as well as for rental. Therefore, by paying attention to the index and its trends, we can draw meaningful conclusion on generally where the … Read More