The Real Reason Behind My Running Excuses and How I Overcame Them

It is time for training. My heart tells me to head out to the roads. But my mind tells me otherwise. Excuses for not training never fail to come up each time I decide to train. Such as, I am tired. It is going to rain soon. I can run later tonight. I just had […]

Starting All Over From Zero

I used to be a very competitive runner. Those were the days when I ran very hard and far. However, gone are those competitive days and my stamina. For athletes who have stopped training for a period of time, it is very difficult to start training all over again. For me, I found it very […]

5 Things in Common Between Running and Investing

Throughout the years as I run and build up my property portfolio, I have come to realise that these two activities have much more in common than anyone would think – Running and Investing. These are the 5 important traits I follow to keep myself going: 1. Being consistent To be successful in running, you […]